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Chorley Women’s Refuge is part of Preston Domestic Violence Services who are a specialist provider of  domestic violence services to victims of domestic violence/abuse (women, men and children).   Chorley Women's refuge offer safe temporary accommodation to women and children who are experiencing domestic violence.  There has been a refuge in Chorley since 1980. Trained workers and volunteers look after the Refuge and are able to give support and information.

What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic Violence is controlling behaviour and includes all kinds of physical, sexual, economic, emotional and psychological abuse within intimate and family relationships.   The most common form of abuse is carried out by men against female partners, but abuse can also occur by women against men and within same-sex relationships.  People experience Domestic Violence regardless of their social group, class, age race, disability, sexuality  or lifestyle. Abuse can begin at any time in a new relationship or after many years spent together. Domestic Violence includes forced marriages, so called honour based violence and female genital mutilation. Domestic violence frequently involves more than one of these and often increases over time. Women usually experience abuse for some time before seeking help. Domestic violence often results in a loss of confidence and a loss of self-esteem, and generally a woman blames herself.

Domestic Violence Helpline
01772 201 601

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